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I’ve been pressed by the Holy Spirit to change formats in how I write for dasouth.com. I will keep the heavy theological topics on the blog but I will be unwrapping something different next year.

I was at the Dont Waste Your Life the Moment concert in Kansas City.  I now realize that why most Reach Artist have a core group of artist on most of their albulms is for one simple reason.  Touring. If you book the 116 clique all the lyrics in which the other person proforms is possible live.  If Sho does Sho part on a Lecrae track. Its a minor thing. But it all came together when I saw the concert.

I’m working on 2 projects right now. The first is a brief rundown of modern gnosticism. When I write brief I mean brief by my standards.  Next I’m working on a harder task. I’m writing the framework for an article in which what I was wrong about in previous articles. It is hard because I do my best to keep my facts straight and not to merge people and arguments.  I also take request for topic ideas for the blog or articles that are put on dasouth.com so feel free to reply to the bottom of the latest article.

By Edward Shelton

Before we look at what wealth is biblicaly we have to define two distinct terms. The first is money. The second is wealth. Money is what is traded for labor to use to purchase goods and services. Wealth is the generation and accumulation of money, property, and other valuable materials and markets. Wealth is bigger the money. One might say money is what you work for and wealth is what works for you.

Many Christians think that a high paying job is the definition of wealth. In all honesty that is just money. Lose the job you lose the wealth. We see in the bible that the main figures that had wealth ended up having systems that supported them. Abraham was supported by his livestock and servants. David was supported by the Israeli government. Lydia maker of purple in Acts was supported by an elite fashion market. We don’t see God hyper elevating a person in economic status in a short period of time. With any biblical profile person we see any one with wealth had some level of preparation either in home life or in labor prepared them for wealth. There is also an indication that rich people in the bible on average didn’t splurge their money. The only exception we see is Solomon and his decedents. We see what happened with that. We see a pattern of saving and passing down wealth.

So where do we get the disconnect of biblical acquisition wealth and our modern view? I would say the first breakdown issue is why we obtain wealth. Many of us obtain money and wealth simply to spend. Investment and moderate living are not considered. The idea of money and restraint doesn’t seem to go hand in hand with many of us. The second issue is that every image of these with money focuses on luxury. Ask a kid why hey want to be a basketball player, rapper, or entertainer. It is because of the lifestyle of ease and things that surround the stars. When one is struggling money seems like a solution to everything. When there is no one to tell you better, the life of fame gives the illusion of fixing everything.

The last fault I think were we have a biblical disconnect with wealth is the attachment of money to person-hood. In our culture having money automatically gives people a higher level of respect. Tell someone that a person is rich and watch the reaction. Then tell that same person that another person is poor. Then watch the reaction. In our society virtue and association is tied to wealth, then vice and disassociation is tied to poverty. People want the path of least resistance when it comes to life. Money appears to be the shortcut. If we are going to talk about the bible and wealth it has to focus on saving. It has to focus on investing. It has to focus on not spending above our means. It must crack the superficial flash of the culture. If not the gospel turns into “God gives me a lot of money to spend because he loves me.” In the end that’s hedonism.

If you have seen any of Kanye West, Lady Gaga, or Jay-Z’s work in the last year and a half it is obvious that it has strong Masonic and Baphomet/Luciferian ties. The question one has to ask is why are we spending most of our time and attention on these things? I ask this in all honesty because it seems that the sound everyday teachings and ministry testimonies  that are put on dasouth.com are overlooked for shock and awe.  Should one be aware of the evil around them? Yes, especially spiritual evil. But it seems to be hunger among CHH for the content that covers the occult. Yet the occult information is presented with no Christian spiritual warfare methods besides pray.

There are various of magic and occult traditions. They don’t all agree.  For every ounce of truth they may say about their histories and methods there is 20 tons of lies and fecal matter to crawl through. There are many elements to their methods that really aren’t public knowledge. Take Kanye’s “Power” video for example. Did you know that the 33rd rite of Freemasonry is done in the video? Did you know that the rite or magic of it deemed to be more powerful the more people that watch it? Did you know that by watching the video and directing others to watch the video for any reason has feed the spirit behind the video. I hate to say it but every christian outlet that talked about and linked to this video has now been used as an instrument of witchcraft.  The warnings of eye magic was evident in the fist two seconds of the video before the invocation (three staff pounds) even begun.

The issue is trying to rebuttal all this requires you to go down “their” rabbit hole. There are endless amount of books on the occult. Many of this is based on the authors presupposition.  For a christian to go into this world will lead to a lot of confusion if they don’t know their own christian history and where things come from. Also one has to be honest and realize that many words we use in Christianity and the Jewish tradition  did not originate with us.  Circumcision for an example was distinctly in Egyptian culture before the time of Abraham.  Words and common religious themes do start to blend the more you look at the topic matter making one almost question everything. My point is that many believers  get caught up in this and make their faith shaky or even heretical because the doubts pile up.

The thing we must remember is that these people  do not care that they are doing witchcraft rites on television. They want to do these rites in the view of  people to gain spiritual power and dominion over people. If you don’t want to be spiritual food for demonic entity leave your secular media and clothing completely alone OR learn how to navigate and do counter spiritual warfare by operating by the Holy Spirit.  We are entering the age of Aquarius things will only get worse. Or did you not see that in the Kanye video as well.

I have struggled with the concepts that appear in CHH and in Christiandom in general in which some are my brothers and others are not, YET all believe in Jesus as the Christ, the trinity, and confessions of faith. The weight on my heart on this issue is has been there for several months. The problem is that many of those who say “X is not my brother” very rarely give a detailed case why and on what grounds, and documented infractions. Funny thing is that this is coming from many different camps not just the reform cats. I find it funny when I listened to the 5 solas mixtape that there was a line in one the songs which referenced speaking in tongues being a requirement for salvation in some camps.  Because 5 solas is a reformed titled title I wasn’t surprised that the offenses from the reform side weren’t mention. At the same time I listened to The Bloodline project which addressed the same issue of out casting people because of doctrine differences. They didn’t address some of the crazy stuff that is going on that needs to be corrected or at least talked about.  There needs to be a grand list in which each camp clearly states to the other why they don’t think the other is saved.

The funny thing is when catholicism is brought then many protestants immediately jump on the “not saved” bandwagon on the account of 3 main issues. Those issues are prayers to saints, papacy, and tradition. The question I ask many who jump on Catholicism is “Have you studied the official documents of the Catholic church?.” Many have not. If you have read any of the big  encyclical then I’ll listen to your commentary.  Until then you don’t know jack. Encyclicals for those that don’t know are the detailed and very formal writtings on issues of faith and doctrine that the Catholic Church produces. Some of these are written by councils and some are written by popes. All must be “approved” and quadrupled checked before publishing.  Each of these letters no matter how long or short is a major theological work that may have taken months to years to write.  I spent 4 years of my life trained to come close to understanding them from a Catholic institution. So I doubt just someone picking up an encyclical could understand what is written let alone know the background of the writing.

Why is tradition important? Tradition gives us context of who we are now to who we were. Tradition does give context to the scriptural text. Tradition should be a help mate to the biblical text if it is a tradition that existed during the early church period. Anything afterward in my opinion is not beneficial.  Tradition gives flesh to historical documents and chronicles through actions and liturgy the values and spiritual ideals of a people.  Can those elements be abused? Yes.  But Luther, Zwingly, and Calvin’s abandonment of tradition was not without an agenda. The goal was to seperate people from the Catholic thought at the time which had gone crazy corrupt and also to discredit any legitimacy and establishment the catholic church had among the people.  Tradition ties us to people , places and things. Breaking tradition breaks the link. Thing is as long as you have ideas and people going back to the past to find who they are you create tradition.  That is a can of worms for another day.

One thing in my Catholic studies is that they have a more fleshed out theology of death then  most protestants. Catholic thought emphasizes several things about humanity and death. First is man needs Christ. The second is that man is eternal in being. The third is that man can be redeemed. The last is that nothing separates or divides the saints  from communing and interacting with each other. These last part is where most protestants have problems. Most Catholics don’t feel separated from Mary, the Apostles, and any other biblical figure. They are all in eternity with the Father praying and interceding for us. Prayer to a saint, from Catholic theology, is no different then asking a living person to pray for your. I will disagree with the assumption of some that since the saints are in eternity with the father they are closer to the father then the living. But that is the context in which prayer to saints should be seen. Now some take things a bit far and outside of what the church teaches. I will say that many Catholic rely on the superstition around saints instead of understanding what is truly taught. Again ask most protestant thought does not go that deep about death beyond heaven and hell.

Papacy is a tough thing to deal with because some folks look at the Papacy as an oppressive authority. In all honesty if you knew how many hoops he had to jump through to get some statements published you would be amazed. The pope does not go unchallenged. The catholic church has a school of scholars that check, correct, rewrite, and check again everything written by the pope. Not only that oh so controversial infallibility card has been used so rarely in Catholic history its not funny. Most assume that whatever a pope says is infallible.  But that’s not the case. The actual writings or statement has to be researched and approved as being infaiable and a core of catholic teaching.  To my last remember there is only 2.  One is Mary is the perptual Virgin mother of Christ.  I think the other is that Jesus is the Only begotten son of God. If there are more they escape my mind right now. Yes a popes words or statements on things influence Catholic tradition but not everything said is held as infallible.

If you agree or disagree with my assessment post below. Thanks for reading.